ACIM Lesson 23 notes.

I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.


This morning I woke up to a crying cat in my face and a mumbling husband next to me. I was not ready to wake up. My mind put together words of retaliation. I saw them for what they were and did not speak them.

When I did get up, I realized my mood wasn’t very good and that I did not feel that well. I was grateful that I did not say anything as it was not about the guys … husband and cat.

I saw my attack thoughts and I made a change.


“There is no point in trying to change the world. It is incapable of change because it is merely an effect.”

The world we see is an effect of our thoughts. Believing is seeing!

I mentioned a few days ago that I expanded my study of the enneagram. As I read the lesson, I felt that this will be difficult for me as an ennea type 1 who feels the impulses of the world in the body, and then judges as good or bad.

Can I change this?

I can choose to see the world as good, lovely, and belonging.

“The change requires, first, that the cause be identified and then let go, so that it can be replaced.”

How do we let go? Forgiveness!!!

Forgiveness is the release of judgement. When ennea type 1 matures, judgement is released and serenity is the virtue expressed. I want this!

I give up thought attacks. I release judgement.

“When I don’t judge people, I see them better.” ~ Tom Carpenter

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