ACIM Lesson 22 notes.

What I see is a form of vengeance.


“It is from this savage fantasy that you want to escape.”

“Is this the world I really want to see.”

This lesson is hard. Vengeance is a tough word – I doubted that it was within me. Upon reflection, I’ve come to accept that it is probably there.

We all see a world that we expect to attack us at any time. All through our personal history, as well as human history, it has been modeled that when attacked to attack back, to retaliate. This is vengeance.

Even if, in this moment, I can be open-hearted and search my mind to find it empty of any ideas of retaliation, I expect that there are things that this world can throw at me or my loved ones that I would attack in return. It is in my ancestry even if I think that I have grown past such things.

In this lesson, we are reminded that (with our thoughts) we have made this world of attack and vengeance.

“I have no neutral thoughts.”

“I am determined to see.”

My world can change.


As I read the lesson, I thought of my past thoughts of not having trust in God. If I trust in God and give up the management of my life, S/He may make changes that I don’t expect and therefore don’t want. I need to be in control so my ego can judge if something is safe and OK for me.

God is scary.

Vengeance is my attack on the world. I attack with my resistance to everything my mind decides is not the way I like it.

“All that you fear does not exist.”

“I see only the perishable. I see nothing that will last. What I see is not real. What I see is a form of vengeance.”

I see a world ready to attack me. This world is unreal, so I am creating distress in myself for no reason. I do not want to see this world.

Love … flow … light … peace. (Feeling the Love in my heart & body instead of worrying about the solution in my mind.)


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