ACIM Lesson 19 notes.

I am not alone in experiencing the effect of my thoughts.


“… you will yet understand that it must be true if salvation is possible at all.”

From my Judaism studies in seminary this month, I am learning the importance of questioning. This line caught my attention, so I ask, ‘Why?’ Is salvation not individual?

Salvation is the salvation of the world. It is the collective growth … the whole body of humanity that returns into alignment with Source.

I have been reflecting on cause and effect related to current wars in our world. Post Holocaust, my textbook says that parts of Judaism have had to put aside the long-held belief that God rewards the good and punishes the bad. This lesson has me thinking that the original belief maybe still be true but that there are layers over the individual cause and effect. Perhaps the body of humanity reaps what its collective consciousness sows. Perhaps we are also impacted with other collectives that we are connected to … the consciousness of plants or animals, the solar system, the galaxy. These bigger, related systems may come into play where innocent individuals may feel the effects of what was caused by these unknown layers of consciousness.

Another way to consider these global sad events … humanity has one body; people are cells in the body. There is a blockage, resistance, or wrong belief in one group of cells which goes on to cause a cancer. The effect of this shows up in the body of humanity and individual cells are damaged or killed.

“I am not alone in experiencing the effects of this thought about [hate].”


I had a realization a few weeks ago. My spouse likes to curse when he is frustrated. He even argues that it is a good expression of emotions. I don’t like it, never have.

Now with various spiritual traditions behind me, (and what seems to be validation from the Course) I believe thoughts are things … energy.

What I realized a few weeks back was his intention, with his harsh words, probably has a lighter impact than my judging, resistance, and rejection.

What Lord am I to do with all these thoughts?

I am in deep study of the Enneagram this week, watching seminars and reading books. I re-read the section on Type 1 in Fr. Richard’s book, ‘The Enneagram, a Christian Perspective’. He wrote that, “inside ONES, court is continually in session; they are their own prosecutor, defender, and judge.” I do this and am sorry for my contributions to the group mind.

Father Richard goes on to say we need the ‘objective observer’ (HS) to tell us to stop.

Help! Thank you.

“I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.”

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