ACIM Lesson 17 notes.

I see no neutral things.


A summary of the first paragraph:  everything we see we have already thought, classified, and/or judged it. We think before we see. (According to Lesson 15, everything is images taking the place of seeing the world around us.) The true eternal world doesn’t see this way but most of us humans on Earth do. This is because our thoughts create our reality, therefore if we could only lead with true seeing we would not see this false world, but the true eternal world. Because of the craziness of the world we see, this is evidence that we lead with our thoughts. If we truly saw, we would see ‘Heaven on Earth’.

As I did my practice, I made myself laugh. Looking around my office, I said, ‘I do not see a neutral cluttered bookshelf. LOL. Adjectives are a sure sign of my interrupting the possibility of seeing.


Thanks HS!

I’ve been trying to understand … in the lesson we are told that, “It is always the thoughts that come first.”

A few thoughts entered my mind which brought me to realize they held a way to explain this.

We think that we see (hear, smell, etc.) the world around us before we react with thoughts and then actions. The lesson says no, and I can now see how.

Yesterday, I watched a seminar on the Enneagram given by Richard Rohr. With the body ennea types, 8-9-1, he said we feel energies in the body first and immediately judge good and bad. This said to me that first I sense the energy and then I form thoughts.

The next idea that came to mind was how in movies, we are provided mood music before we are given the scene to view. The music feeds our thoughts. I realized that movie music takes the place of the energy field we sense in our worldly interactions.

Therefore, we feel the energy, the ego judges and sends the thoughts of good or bad, then our senses review the situation to direct our actions.

(I checked in with HS. She concurred and reminded me there is only energy; this world is a fantasy.)

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