ACIM Lesson 14 notes.

God did not create a meaningless world.


“It is of your own making and it does not exist.”

In Course language, the ‘real’ world is the eternal world. Therefore, I understand its use of the word ‘exist’ as meaning things that are eternal.

I am just finishing in seminary the month we are studying Buddhism. In it we learned that everything of this world is impermanent (and a cause of our suffering as we attach our desires to impermanent things). We could change this lesson title to say, “God did not create an impermanent world” and it would be true as it is our desires that want permanence on the things that make us feel secure.

All this mess is our doing.

We can be down on ourselves for this thought, or we can notice the jewel in this idea. ‘Oh! We are creators too!’

I recognize how this realization can quickly lead to the thought, ‘How can I do this better?’ Herein lies a path to ‘Heaven on Earth’.


“The world you see has nothing to do with reality.”

God did not create the situation in Afghanistan.

God did not create the war in Ukraine.

God did not create the craziness in the USA.

God did not create my mom’s mental and physical conditions.

God did not create these and so they are not real.

(Sorry, busy day. I’m proud I still did my lesson.)

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