ACIM Lesson 12 notes.

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.


“If you could accept the world as meaningless and let the truth be written upon it for you, it would make you indescribably happy.”

Last year, I found that the Course uses the word ‘meaningless’ to mean without meaning or insignificant. Some ACIM sources say it means neutral.

We think the events and things of the world around us are significant as they influence our feelings of safety or being at risk.

Is all the meaning we put on this world just about fear of death? Some is … those related to our safety.

I recognize that I give meaning to a lot of things that make me feel good about myself. I feel the need to boost my psyche, also to validate my beliefs and actions.

There is that underlying unworthiness, and unlove-ableness, showing itself again …

So, if I went through my life always aware of myself as a Holy Child of God, all this stuff of the world would not be significant to me.

I took a minute to reflect upon what I felt when I had my ‘peak experience’ a few years ago. I felt expansive and ‘indescribably happy’ as I could see that this world was all a game that I was just a player in. Nothing here defined who I was, it was all insignificant to my being, and was only toys to play with.

I am not upset to see a meaningless world. I am the significant one.

I am the toddler on the floor surrounded by my toys. I am also surrounded by Love; loving eyes checking on men and ready to pull me close in an embrace when I get weary of my play space.


The first paragraph says that I think I am upset because I see the world as frightening, insane, or just some kind of wrong. When, beneath this persona, I am upset because the world is meaningless.

Wonder what definition the Course is using when it says meaningless? (I looked up standard definitions.)

Definition of meaning: having significance. 
Definition of meaningless: without meaning or significance, insignificant.

(I think of meaningless as a negative thing, therefore my thoughts are giving it meaning.)

So, what does it mean to me if everything is insignificant? Everything just is.

I think of this as ‘being’ which I put meaning on as I’ve been taught that this is the feminine aspect of all energies (masculine = doing). And I’ve spent my adult life doing so it has been an obvious change to sit in just being.

Are we insignificant?

I recall Sadhguru describing the scale of the Universe and all the great forms in it. Then he got down to the scale of the Earth to tell the man he spoke with of his being one tiny human on this small planet, and yet he thinks of himself as a ‘big man’. We are insignificant in the creation of God.

Now I think of Caroline Myss describing our relationship to God as ‘totally impersonal and totally personal’.

I am insignificant and a Holy Child of God. Everything is meaningless and created by God.

Sorry, but I still can’t help but think of everything as sacred.

“Love is what everything is made of Love and nothing can ever be outside Love.” ~ Hollie Holden


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