ACIM Lesson 10 notes.

My thoughts do not mean anything.


“This idea will release me from all that I now believe.”

Is this lesson a big deal for me or not? My mind isn’t that cluttered today. Except, it is putting effort toward understanding this lesson, although we are supposed to just ‘do it’.

I was able to settle myself and close my eyes for the minute practice. There wasn’t too much going on, so I kept repeating ‘my thoughts do not mean anything’. The words formed into a rhythm, and I thought of a marching band approaching to be part of the ‘oddly assorted procession’ that the lesson mentions. I became aware and reconnected to the lesson title.

Next, the word ‘love’ popped into my mind. This is when the games my mind (ego) was playing became apparent. This ended my practice period. I opened my eyes to read the offered closing line.

“This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.”

A new thought just came to remind me that we are not trying to stop thoughts, or the ego, we want to change our beliefs so that our thoughts are ones that support us in Love.

Thanks HS, for the reminder!


“This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.”

This lesson is curious and makes me excited to learn. It says my thoughts are not my real thoughts and that my mind is really a blank. I know I am supposed to just do the lessons but, being a rebel, I’ll just jot down a couple of thoughts.

In the second paragraph, the last sentence mentions the lack of reality in which we think. The Course says that only the eternal is real. I see an opening here, thoughts about what is not real are not real thoughts.

To reflect on this further … my eternal mind is blank. In that true reality there is no time, no past or future, no regret, fears, or worries. There would just be bliss, peaceful and loving, in the stable light of Love.

All is well. The real mind is at rest, the tool (mind) is laid down, un-needed in the eternal moment.


It’s still curious to see if this reflection will be true as the lessons proceed to teach me.

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