ACIM Lesson 7 notes.

I see only the past.


“Can I suspend my own ideas about everything for long enough to allow the light of what they really are peak out from behind the clouds I have covered them with?” ~ Hollie Holden

I see clearly the truth in this lesson. How do I change it?

I read my notes from last year where I said then that I understood. My notes even held a little anecdote that has been in my mind while doing these undoing lessons.

I only see the past in the lessons now. LOL.

Great Love, I am willing to see the light of what is, to pause and ask the Holy Instant to enrobe me. And for grace to take over my awareness. I am here, now.

So be it.


I, surprisingly, do understand this lesson. 😊

Everything I see has stories around them; they start in my mind the flow of memories and beliefs. These thoughts I observe about the things around me are mostly neutral. I suppose if I picked up my mug and, in the past, I got very burned, I would also have upset … fear.

Yesterday we reviewed upset … our emotions. So, upsets, like emotions, come from things of the past, such as memories and beliefs. I’m aware that some upsets, mostly those from belief, are not from just my past but can be a family or tribal legacy.

Someone I care about is out of work right now. I am triggered.

My family has a saying that is something like ‘can’t complain, they’re all working’. I could blame my parents, but I think it goes further back. I’ve gotten a laugh reading English Literature, the surname Bates is always a laborer.

Ripples from the past are always flowing into my awareness. Can I learn to not contribute to the emotional disturbances they cause? I sense the words I choose to use can help.

Learning about the intelligence of the body last year, I was told not to block emotions. Just noticing emotions rise feels neutral in comparison to labeling any disturbances as ‘upset’.

It feels like emotions can just be clouds passing by, not blocking my loving Sun.

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