ACIM Lesson 6 notes.

I am upset because I see something that is not there.


The thing upsetting me today is a weather forecast this upcoming week which could bring flooding. There is a history of flooding on my property which has been minor. There is fear that one day we could get a rainfall amount that is outrageous.

These upsets are not here. What is true now?

I participated in a beautiful loving group (seminary). My home is warm. I have all that I need for this Holy Instant. I am here loving, lovable, and Loved.


I am stressed about this lesson because I see something that is not there. What’s behind this?

I want a good journal entry. I want to get to the good stuff of growing in Love.

Help! What does this lesson hold for me?!

I do have a worry in my family that I see things that are not there. I want to involve myself so I can influence it being fixed (my perspective) so I can be at peace once again.

I do need these lessons!

The worry is here … If I let you flow around in my field, you will occasionally grab my attention. I will think of you like a cloud just passing across the sky. If I put resistance force into you then you might become a storm front and block the whole sky of my awareness. The Sun is still present while you float by.

Tricia, Love didn’t leave you because a problem arose.

Or because the lessons are not as lovely as you would like.


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