My Day.

A poem by Tricia Bates Smith, 1-4-2024

Did I say enough? 
Could I have done more? 
Was I appreciated?
Topics of hatred, suffering and uncontrolled war. 
A past me would have thrown out solutions. 
Now … I don’t know.
Next, we spoke of gender biases and sexual differences. 
I have my tribal programming that I should have defended. 
Now … I don’t know.
Who was the person I used to be? 
She wanted to be heard 
with nothing meaningful to say.
Who is this person today? 
A less confident elder 
who sees what she could not see before.
I hope to become someone who can be appreciated.
When will my perception move away from here, this one, 
to appreciate those who I’ve joined with? 
When will I put my attention on WE?

This was an assignment in my Seminary elective poetry class. The writing prompt was: a moment from my day and to ask unanswerable questions.

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