ACIM Lesson 5 notes.

I am never upset for the reason I think.


I can’t think of anything I am upset about this morning. The big stresses of the holidays are over. Family is good. Seminary work is on track. Do I bring up a fear I’ve carried for a few years even though things are good now? I don’t think so – why would I bring that into my field?

“Its really important to hold onto a sense of neutrality as best you can – to be the observer.” ~ Hollie Holden

Thinking of myself as an observer resonated with me. Not only to observe my thoughts and the upsets that arise but also to observe others. Perhaps this will provide the pause I need before the formation of judgements, thoughts, and then upsets.

Beauty. There you are. How could I not see you before? <3


“There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.”

I question this.

What about the big things like damaging weather events, illness, or death? Those events that happen that change how we live our lives?

The lesson says we cannot hold some upsets and let others go. “I will regard them all as the same.”

When your life as you knew it has broken, it’s so difficult to ease your own mind.

My thoughts about what to do were that I am meant to find peace in the current moment. But the lesson actually wants me to just notice my upset is not for the reasons I think.

What is the deeper reason for all my upsets? Fear? Separation? Lack of Love?

The answer will come, I know.

Just notice for now.

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