ACIM Lesson 4 notes.

These thoughts do not mean anything.


I did the exercise. Thoughts came up and I said to them that they don’t mean anything.

My thoughts don’t mean anything?!

Most of my thoughts are my ‘to do’ list and ways I can care for my loved ones — basically things I should do. How can my thoughts be meaningless, they’ve been guiding me my whole life?

I do have random thoughts that I quickly discern as unwanted and can put them aside. How have I known which thoughts where important, and which were nonsense?

Close the windows before it rains. ‘Ok, I’ll do that.’ What if the tree falls on the house? Nope … letting that thought go.

The lesson says that they are all meaningless.

“The goal of separating the meaningless from the meaningful.”

I am looking for answers to understand instead of accepting that this is a practice. The most settling thought I have now is to pause and listen.


I am peaceful.

During my practice, some thoughts came up that I called out. My heart feels very full and did so during the practice. I noticed my thoughts were positive (but have no meaning). I tried to have my thoughts go to something that is of concern to me this week. I waited for the feeling of tension but only felt my expanded heart. That thought didn’t have meaning and it didn’t have the charge of anxiety that I was feeling with it a couple days ago.

“(The) purpose of learning to see the meaningless as outside you and the meaningful within.”

So, there are some meaningful thoughts!

I know this is our period of undoing, but as a sophomore now, who had lots of growth in freshman year, I think I know the meaningful thoughts: I am a holy child of God, I am as God created me; I am love and light. <3

PS. I’m happy I used the ‘sophomore’ term. It reminded me of a high school teacher who said sophomores were the most difficult as they think they know everything, without wisdom. I need to remember this to help keep humility as part of my sharing. XXX

PSS. Heard God say, ‘its OK to look for Me.’

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