ACIM Lesson 3 notes.

I do not understand anything I see in this room.


My cat Earl, I love him. He sleeps beside me every night. And, in the morning tucks himself under my left arm. As a kitten, every morning he would climb on my chest for a short nap, wrapped in my arms, before I got up to go to work.

He does like to go out each day like a regular neighborhood cat, to do things I don’t know. Usually when he comes into the house, I light up because he has returned to me. But recently, when he comes in after being outside, I wonder if I really know this being. Is he just another wild animal like those in the garden that I don’t know?

This loving relationship, that I believe is mutual, is it real? I have put all meaning on it. Does this block me from understanding this cat?

I do believe the love is real and eternal. (We are entangled by love.) But that I understand anything about Earl, this I can accept that it may not be so.


“One thing is like another; equally suitable and therefore equally useful”

Oh … I’ve been doing these exercises with an underlying sense that all things are nothing.

Things are what they are Tricia! They have purpose and function, just not what you have judged them to be!

I don’t know. My thoughts are clouded by my experiences and judgements.

I see myself holding an object in my open palms. “I’m sorry for mis-judging you.” It appears like a little light in my hands. I lean forward to offer a kiss over it. And then I extend it out to the world, honoring it for what it is … another sacred creation of God.

I release my beliefs about you.

You be you and I’ll be me.



A post from the Facebook group prompted me to consider things differently. “I don’t know anything.”

I feel this is a good place to begin.

Beginner’s mind is a good practice for me.

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