ACIM Lesson 1 notes.

Nothing I see in this room means anything.


It begins again …

I am feeling more positive about starting the lessons again and working on undoing. In my recent seminary lesson on Buddhism, we learned of the ‘Eight Fold Path’ (Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration). For our homework questions we were asked which of the eight we found a challenge. I responded with ‘Right View’ as, from these early ACIM lessons, I have found that it is difficult to let go of judgement of all I see around me.

I am ready to work on this again.


We start again.

I feel a bit nervous as I have been so happy with my progress the last few weeks. With these early lessons, can I find such joy?

I want to think less of them, but I know this goes against their purpose of undoing my own perceptions and classifications of things.

I did my practice, looking out my window to name things that don’t mean anything. Sitting in front of the window is a plant of mine that is looking lovely.

“This plant doesn’t mean anything … and still, I love it,” I said. Not sure what to do with that.

Coursework is meant to remove our blocks to love; for the sake of a lesson, should I deny love of something? Should I be trying to love all things I see?

I’m tempted to read ahead as I learned last year that the lessons build on one another therefore I’m sure that my questions will be answered later.

It feels difficult, but I will leave this for today. <3

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