ACIM Lesson 354 notes.

We stand together, Christ and I, in peace and certainty of purpose. And in Him is His Creator, as He is in me.


I like the personal connection I feel to Christ today.

“You and I.” W.II.14.2.2

I love Christ speaking to me about our journey together this year.

“I have no self except the Christ in me.”

This line had me think of Internal Family Systems wherein when the ‘parts’ of our personality can step aside there is a True Self that can speak to what is best for us. Is this the Christ?

Of course, it is!

So, my True Self is not just mine but is the same True Self of everyone?

If I think of my tree metaphor where I am a leaf on a stem, on a branch, connected to the tree trunk, the True Self could be the stem, the branch, or even the whole tree speaking to and for me.


“We stand together.”


Something significant happened yesterday. I spoke out loud to someone that my goal is Christ consciousness. Then today, here is this lovely declaration of my truth of being with Christ.

I told this person, ‘I want to be a light in the world.’

God’s light is in me. I take the bushel basket off to shine. I wish to inspire my companions to seek the light within themselves.

Christ Jesus, brother, thank you.

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