ACIM Lesson 347 notes.

Anger must come from judgement. Judgment is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.


“Anger must come from judgement.”

Is this true in all cases?

For me, when I think of instances that I’ve been angry it is always about the judgements I’ve made. But what about when you see someone attack another quickly in response to a remark or physical aggression. Is this due to judgement or is it instinctual ‘fight or flight’?

Is it anger if it is instinctual?

I think it is different. The word defensiveness comes to mind.



This lesson brings forward one big topic after another. My anger is caused by my judgement only. When I think about the reason I would like to stop judging others, it is to stop the hurt. I hurt myself, others, and put misinformed energy into the Whole. Anger may be the emotion of the moment but hurt is the result.

Perhaps this is because I am aware. When I feel anger, I know it is showing that I am mis-judging and need to review other perspectives – this settles me and releases the anger.

My openness to other views then causes me guilt, regret, or hurt. But there are also times when seeking to see from another perspective brings clarity to release the anger to feel glad for the new understanding.

Help me, Father, to release judgement.

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