ACIM Lesson 331 notes.

There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.


“How could I think that Love has left Itself?”

God, which is Love, surrounds me. I am a fractal of the whole pattern, and a cell in the Body of Christ. I exist in Love.

“There is no will except the Will of Love.”

I see the Will of Love as the force behind the flow of the river of life. The river has a reason behind its onward flow. It carries me whether I choose to see it or not.

Forgiveness is my choice to stop fighting the flow. I relax, enjoy, and see All as God.


“You love me, Father.”

SOOO grateful today for the love that comes to me. I am open now to seeing it in my life from the people around me.

So happy to receive Your Love, Father.

This opening to Love is the same as flowing in Your Will.


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