ACIM Lesson 330 notes.

I will not hurt myself again.


“The mind that is made willing to accept God’s gifts has been restored to spirit, and extends its freedom and its joy, as the Will of God united with its own.”

I have chosen to go with the flow of God’s Will, which is the Love God has for me. Here, I feel my joy flow from within to without, for me to experience.


I am a heart centered being and I’m OK with that.

I had a great meditation yesterday where I release this form to build a new light body/sun. As the sphere of my sun was reforming, I saw a separate sphere on top representing my head. The heart was the center of my main sun, so I realized that the heart is to be primary for me … to lead with my heart.

I saw the upper ‘head’ sphere absorbed into my sun, heart-field. Gratitude flowed through me as I felt my heart take the lead in my consciousness.

My mind feels at ease within the field of my heart (with my sun expanded out past the top of my head). Thank you, God.

“To be free forever from all our mistakes, and to be saved from what we thought we were.”

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