ACIM Lesson 326 notes.

I am forever an effect of God.


I wonder if I ever understood this lesson before like I do right now?

“All Your attributes abide in me.”

We are made in God’s image so we too are creators. This lesson is describing our ‘free will’ choice: to be separate and rely on our own perception (and fearful thoughts) to create the world around us, or to be an ‘effect’ to what God causes.

For me, to be an effect means to use our powers of creation to be in flow with God’s intention for the world.

I see two different patterns. The first is of two parallel lines =====. One is God’s intent and one is our own. The second pattern is more of a flow chart [>] -> [>]. In this pattern we are in the flow with God’s intention.

I feel joy with this new insight into what is meant by surrender. It is not about giving up something; it is just about getting on board with the plan to participate in the creation of ‘Heaven on Earth’.


As I read the lesson, I thought of my desire to bring HS further into my being, to live more of my true higher self. Next, I saw an image of a video game with avatar characters.

This had me ask a question, ‘In a game, does a player ever interact so much, and well, with another character that they want to get to know the player behind the character?’

I think so. (I believe my kids have made friends through playing online video games.)

I should see our world like this. I want HS to express itself in this world through ‘little me’. And what if I went through this world wanting to see other people’s higher selves … to make new HS friends?

This is a wonderful thought that expands the possibilities of this life.

“Let us today behold earth disappear, at first transformed, and then, forgiven, fade entirely into God’s holy Will.”

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