ACIM Workbook, Part II, Chapter 11 notes.

What is creation?


“Creation is the sum of all God’s thoughts.” (para.1)

“God’s thoughts are given all the power that their own Creator has … This His Sons shares in Creation, and must therefore share in the power to create.” (para.2)

Yesterday, I got a new understanding while listening to Fr. Richard in as Season 5 podcast of ‘Another Name for Everything’. He said that when religion says ‘Almighty God’ it makes God static, and that the crucifixion showed us an ‘all humble God’. The conversation went on to talk about God being in relationship with us – that there needed to be the flow of giving and receiving between God and creation. (Love is a force!) Richard calls this the ‘Divine Dance’ when he describes the flow of the Trinity from Father (Source) to Son (Christ/Creation) to Holy Spirit (Comforter/Spirit).

For me, this lesson is saying the same thing, that we, as God’s thoughts, are limitless in our power to be part of God’s creation. In this way God has made things so that we are in relationship with our Source, Creator, and all Creation.

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