ACIM Lesson 314 notes.

I seek a future different from the past.


“Father, we were mistaken in the past, and chose to use the present to be free.”

I believe we can change the past and thereby change today and tomorrow. This is from what I learned using ‘the Body Code’. If memories, with their beliefs and judgements, can cause blocks in our energy bodies my changing how I perceive those past events release energy blocks associated with the memories. My current beliefs change. The function of my body changes with the flow returned to my energy field. This means my future will be different without the blocks and restrictions I had put in my system because of how I perceived a past experience.

This is healing. It affects me and the people connected to me who are influenced by my energy body.


The past is gone. This lesson says it is released to no longer impact the present of future. Thank you!

In my personal seeking, when I discover disturbances within myself, I reflect and ask for guidance to release them, so they do not carry into my future.

I am so grateful for all parts of me (body, mind, spirit, emotions, ego, entourage, HS, Tricia) who all assist in making me aware of my mis-perceptions.

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