ACIM Lesson 299 notes.

Eternal holiness abides in me.


“In in all things are healed, for they remain as You created them.”

“And I can know my holiness.”

I am in awe.

Yesterday, while doing my studies of indigenous religions, there was focus on ancestral honoring. I thought of my eulogy to Mom and Granddad Willie. In it I honored my ancestors and held the intention of healing. This seems to be in line with these ancient traditions.

My awe is over how many blessings (and growth) have come from the work I did in July following the guidance of ‘the Body Code’. I cleared so may emotional blocks on my heart caused by my life experiences as well as some of my ancestors.

We live in amazing times in which energies are flowing to bring us back to wholeness as individuals, families, communities, and as a planet. Eternal wholeness abides in All.


I’m not feeling well today – cold symptoms. I recognize that I am a good heath and mood spiritualist. Discomfort in my body takes me right up into my head. I forget my heart and spirit. Being ill is the best excuse to get out of things and isolate – even from you God.

I love my mind. I love my body. I love my spirit and soul. I love the holy Tricia, being within. Please help me to not use this cold as an excuse to not give and grow, to step away from my purpose.

My eternal holiness is always present, I wish to remain with it.

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