Blessed Amongst Women.

A poem and a prayer by: Tricia Bates Smith,

10-11-2023, the night following the passing of my mother Pat Bates.

Grandmother. Mother. You, and me … daughter. 
Strong backs. Strong hands, in spite of broken hearts.
Together, across time and place. 
You, feeling whole once again.
The wise-ones smile, rocking, their waiting is over … for now. 
The road was long and difficult, but you bore it well.
Your faith never faltered, so you found your peace. 
Your pain was never so great that you were unkind to those who served you.
Oh Wise Women! 
Mother. Grandmothers. I honor you!
Now she has taken her place in your presence. 
And I am grateful.
I am the blessed one to follow women such as you. 
Let my back always be strong. 
Let my hands be open to those in need. 
Let my heart succeed in returning to wholeness … 
  For all our mothers and daughters, 
  Past, present, and to come.
Mom, I ask to remain in the flow of your blessings. 
Please whisper in my ear to guide my way. 
And, kick start my heart when it has sunk low, 
  So I too can be of service.

So it is.

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