ACIM Lesson 282 notes.

I will not be afraid of Love today.


“Let me know be afraid of truth today.”

The lesson states that my name is Love.

God is Love. I am Love. In my mind I restore God as Love as I think of Love as a force of the universe – it is gravity but with the intention to manifest, experience, and grow.

God as ‘the observer’ (a quantum physics term) continuously intends for our Sun to shine, to be and to give life to all in its domain. I imagine that if God took God’s intent away from the Sun … poof … everything in this part of the galaxy would disappear. It would return to just spirit – energy.

If so, this would mean that Love is God’s intention to keep this going; Love is God’s desire to sustain His child.

I am a receiver of that, but am I also that Love?

These last weeks with my mom, I have expectations and make plans. Nothing goes per plan. God’s way, not my way. It seems I am not the creator-Love like God is.

If I was, my beliefs of being separate would be true!

I surrender. I connect. I am part of God’s system of Love. I am not Love because I do as God does but because I am part of that. (Fractal!)

I support the Sun shining today. Father, I support You Loving me. How am I meant to Love? Be Love?

“What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say and to whom?”

In this way I am Love. I will not be afraid.


My name is Love. I am afraid of Love. I see it as limited so I don’t share it. I want for others to offer it to me before I allow it to flow. Why?!!

I observe this still in myself after many years of being able to label it and describe it: aloof, indifferent, introverted. I don’t want these as excuses or identifiers for myself.

My name is Love. I am Love. And yet, I block the flow. Its enough! Help! (I think I just need a reminder to not fall into my old patterns when I am in a group.)

Richard Rohr spoke today of ‘second gaze’ of others, allowing for compassion. This made me feel better about myself, that it’s just not only me that can’t get past initial judgements.

Will ‘second gaze’ remind me to give love, express love, and not wait to be given it first? I sense YES!

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