ACIM Lesson 249 notes.

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.


I was listening to a CAC podcast earlier and Father Richard said all suffering is from our lack of control.

The Course says of forgiveness that is still and quiet.

“It merely looks, and waits, and judges not.” W Part II.1.4.3.

To give up control takes a recognition that we don’t know, and can’t perceive, the truth. That the best way is to trust in God’s will, and just let go of our own beliefs and perceptions. I much prefer not suffering, turning things over to God, and foregoing my idea of control.


Yesterday I wrote that I am working on releasing blocks in my energy and soul. I’ve been trying to understand them. Where have they come from? Why do they upset me? Can I see them differently?

Is understanding the process of forgiveness or is there a simple way?

Workbook Part II, Theme 1, What is forgiveness?

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not happened.”

So, if I was killed in a past life due to religious zeal or masculine dominance, how do I say I misunderstood what happened?

These things carry forward from past lives or ancestral history. The body intelligence forms a long list of things to protect against. I believe these things are caught in our soul as well because I’ve been feeling it. (And the Sanskrit phrase ‘samskara’ defines it.) Is it enough to say ‘the past is gone’?

Presence. My place with God is in the present moment. When attention is on the past, my mind fills with all the things I think were wrong. God is in the present. Forgiveness is in the present … so much easier to feel Love/Light and to know all is well.

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