ACIM Lesson 246

To Love my Father is to Love his Son.


“I will accept the way You choose for me to come to You, my Father … And so I choose to love Your Son.”

It is choosing God’s will that I love His Son, the Creation. No judgement. No attack. No ruminations on how to fix things in my own way. I love God’s Creation, as created, as Tricia. I love everyone and everything as God created.

Dear Lord, it is all here within me and surrounding me. Please help me to see with Your eyes of Love as You would have me see.


“Let me not try to hurt God’s son and think that I can know my Father, or myself.”

I think, that to reflect on giving and receiving, I can’t know something until I give it. I can’t know God’s Love unless I give it. I can’t know Self love unless I give it.

Loving-kindness is key, no personal agenda, other than to give.

Help me please to get past the actions the ego wants to be with others and give as God wills.

CAC newsletter today, the parable was the prodigal son, with emphasis on the egoic action of the older son. Cynthia Bourgeault wrote of the Father/God role as ‘divine mercy’. The sower parable, CAC lesson of a few days ago, focused attention on the sower casting abundance over all with no discretion.

If we are meant to know God’s Love, we have to open to sharing Divine Mercy, love with no discretion, belief in abundance, sharing. Thank you for these insights.

“Let me not fail to recognize myself, and still believe my awareness can contain my Father.”

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