ACIM Lesson 237 notes.

Now would I be as God created me.


“Christ is my eyes today, and He the ears that listen to the voice for God today.”

I am considering joining groups to get back out into the world again. I feel resistance, fear, in my gut. I think I am afraid I will not act as I think I should, that I will fall back into ego behavior. I want Christ to lead in my perceptions and responses. I want to interact with others from my heart and not my head. Am I ready?

My heart says it is ready to take the lead. My mind says it is ready to not be important. Today it starts. _/\_


“Christ is my eyes today.”

I don’t see the world of others; I see everything is all about me.

I got nervous about something with my son, my worries were all about me.

“Christ is my eyes today.”

This says to me to really see others, not through the lens of me.

Lord, help me to stop seeing everything as how it impacts me.

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