ACIM Lesson 234 notes.

Father, today I am your Son again.


“… we have reached the holy peace we never left.”

I thought of ‘the Prodigal Son’ as I read this line in the lesson. (This parable was also mentioned this morning in Fr. Richard’s Daily Mediation. His reflection was about restorative justice.)

In the lesson, the words about timelessness and continuity seem confusing on their own. Reflection on them under the lens of ‘the Prodigal Son’ helped me to understand. The son’s perspective of leaving and forgetting the Father’s Love is not how the Father sees the son. The love for the son is continuous; the Father’s patience, in knowing the son will return, is unwavering and therefore timeless.

God Loves me.

“This we accept as wholly true today.”

Father, today I am Your kid again.


“We reached the holy peace we have never left.”

We have someone in the family who is ill and may die. When I go into contemplation, thoughts of him arise. Prayer for most benevolent outcome.

I feel he is happy, ready to return to the holy peace. I feel glad for him.

I’ve been told he holds a great belief in God. May he allow all the blessing of his Father reach him.


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