Joy Ball

TBS 7-29-2023, a poem

Bounce, bounce, bounce the ball. Share it with your friend. 
I’ll just hold onto mine, 
I’m fine the way I am. 
But it’s time to play. Look! If I send it out, it comes right back again.
How can I trust I’ll get it back? It’s been taken away before. 
It was broken, all a mess, 
like a black blob on the floor. 
You’re dreaming sis, it’s God’s gift. There will always be so much more.
Bounce, bounce, bounce your ball. It’s the only way to be! 
Stop! Stay away! Don’t force me into your game. 
Aw, relax, I only want to play. 
Don’t you see, the light of joy can’t shine in you until you share your ball with me.
I want to, but I’m so afraid. What might opening my heart mean? 
I’ll lose control, and look a fool, to be rejected once again. 
Or, become one of the gang. We just want to dance and sing. 
Come on … let’s play and be filled with joy. After all, this life is just a dream.

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