I expected a perfect world.

TBS 7-20-2023 poem

Made in Your image, 
filled with light, did I come shining into this world. 
A family of nine, 
all with struggles of dark and light on this human path. 
I didn’t see it as I pranced around in my light filled bubble.
A day came, 
when the laughter of those meant to love me, 
broke me instead. 
I left that little girl, locked in my heart, 
and moved forward with walls to love.
Rejected and discouraged, 
I took control 
to make the perfect world that is meant to be. 
I would figure it out without You. 
You had betrayed me too.
You did not leave me. 
All the while, I pushed my way through this world. 
Mid-life breakthrough, 
longing for love, striving to give. 
Again, I would figure it out without You.
New eyes form, 
or maybe they are the original ones. 
Beauty in this world; 
beauty within me; beauty within others. 
They’re doing the best that they can. And so it is with me.
It’s not a perfect world. 
Ease rises and peace flows in. 
My hands open to Your will, Your way. 
And there it is – I see it! 
The perfect world surrounds me.

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