ACIM Lesson 181 notes.

I trust my brothers who are one with me.


“Remove your focus on your brothers sins, and you experience the peace that comes from faith in sinlessness.”

I am ready for this new series of lessons; my willingness is strong. I am intent on looking for the sinlessness in others. And, I am purposely writing this post in the present tense as acknowledgement of the lesson’s secondary instruction to keep our attention on the Now.

“The past is gone; the future but imagined.”

The lesson calls us out in our lack of willingness due to “depressing and restricting though that, even if you should succeed, you will inevitably lose your way again … these concerns are just defenses against present change of focus in perception.”

I am willing to be in the present moment and see my brother/sister as sinless. I seek to see the innocence in all, in every experience that appears me.

There … intent set!


I can’t help but think of a dear one as my example for this.

Lord, please let me see him in his sinlessness.

I do know that all he desires is good and true, to be a good man for his family. He likes laughter and fun as well … people around him. Continue to aid me in what I look upon in the important people in my life and assist me in opening up to trust others.

‘… creating a world where we trust in each other’s goodness more.’ ~Hollie Holden

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