ACIM Lesson 164 notes.

Now are we one with Him who is our Source.


Dearest, “this day is sacred to the world. Your vision … look back on them in a new light. And what you see becomes the healing and salvation of the world.”

I want in! Here I am Lord, here I am!

As I laid in bed this morning, I noticed it was very easy to quiet my mind. A blessing for me and from me … giving and receiving. All with the intention of being one with Source.

“Leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come.”


In Hollie’s notes she asked, “What is God?”

My mind had many answers as I read on. “It is the most asked question among those who want to awaken …”

I have not asked this question, “What is God?”

I’ve been so sure that I know. Also, I feel that I might be judged as not good in my faith if I have to ask.

Oprah used to ask this question on Super Soul Sunday. Caroline Myss was so confident when she replied, ‘God is law.’

Hollie said that she had an experience that taught her ‘God is the seeing’. I’m not sure I understand this. She adds, “this experience of being truly joined with.” I’m still confused.

Perhaps this is the power of the question, an infinite number of responses are available to the individual based on what will be the miracle in that NOW.

Dear God, I ask, what is God?

Let the miracles flow!

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