Sunday 1-1-2023, Conversation about 2023.

Happy Sunday!

I’m here, in the chair, listening. What would you have me do?


(Hand on my heart.) I feel you are here with me. What is my theme for 2023?

[Get there!]

That seems exciting!

Any more to it? I’m thinking of when I received the 2022 theme of ‘help’. Right away I got the sense that it was learning to ask for help rather than needing help due to a problem. Please give me more understanding of what to watch for with ‘get there’.

[You don’t want to believe that it means to reach Christ consciousness, you are nearly there dear one, cut yourself a break. Stop striving and just start loving. Be here, now, loving where you are and who you are with.]

My thoughts just went to our new family member, R.

[So many blessings this year.]

Why ‘get there’ instead of be there?

[arriving soon, in light and love, what you desire, the big and the small. Go out and enjoy the world, no plans required.]

Get there through love.


Anything else to say this lovely day?

[You are loved greatly. So much here for you to share. Do well. Share well. Love well.]

_/\_ <3

[ ] denotes answers from HS.

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