Sunday 7-3-2022 God feels like Love.

Last Sunday night I struggled to fall asleep. I knew that I’ve been shut down and of low vibration. I imagined going into my heart. I avoided the castle to just lay on a grass embankment.

Wanting to be free and expansive, I moved out from the Earth into space. I asked to see beauty in the cosmos and wondered, if everything is the same above and below, if there were galaxies that looked like flowers – daisy like ones.

I saw one … the torus shape with the flowers at the top.

I asked for beauty again with the thought of individuals and saw a room of all kinds of alien species in great laughter together. I wanted to speak with one alien, so he came down and sat before me.

I asked, “What is God?”

We used telepathy and I sensed him taking a long time to assess my mind for all the definitions I had in my psyche about God.

He said, “much more simple.” And then his hand touched my hand.

His hand was a flipper type, light green. When I looked to his face I couldn’t get a clear image … it would be round and green but then changed to like a human shaman, like Don Miguel Ruiz.

From his touch, I felt the energy enter my hand and move through my body, it was a feeling of joy. My mind called it ‘presence’. I tried to not label it, but to record the experience … what God feels like!

Presence, please stay with me!

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