Sunday 5-8-2022 God made manifest.

Richard Rohr’s daily meditation last week, 4-26-2022 gave me more understanding of what Christ is.

That week the meditation emails from CAC were about the Eucharist. The one on the 26th contained a quote from Thich Nhat Hahn about Christ’s words, “This is my body, take and eat”.  He said the words were to get our attention to explain to us that the bread contains the cosmos.

Here is my line of thinking to help me understand: Christ is the body of God; everything manifest is the body of God; Christ Jesus spoke as God through his human body.

About the bread: this is my body, eat it, take in manifest God; bread is made from Sun, air, water, Earth.

Christ Jesus, through his words, gets our attention as an aid to get us present to the bread, the gift from God.

A holy moment!

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