Sunday 2-6-22 Master Healing

I had some big insights this past weekend which came from reading ‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East’. I’m on the second book wherein Jesus has spent time with the expedition and much of the teaching is about his methods. The first idea that struck a chord in me is, the book mentioned that God also has a plan for each of us. In my mind I could imagine a field of quantum possibilities that lie before us with each step we take. Amongst all the possibilities there is the one that God has imagined. I can see that possibility shining, ready for me to accept it, and knowing it will be the MBO (most benevolent outcome) for the highest good.

The second idea of the teaching that lit me up was one of the Masters explaining how Jesus was able to heal others. They explained that he connected thru the Christ to God to raise his vibration and bring into himself the perfect image of the subject that God held. Jesus’ high vibration was then able to connect with the subject and the perfect image was able to manifest. So Lovely!

In meditation.

In reflection last night I spent time bringing in perfect images of my loved ones who were present in my prayers. The images were different for each person and all so interesting!

(IPS- white ghost like, strong, tall, with children around his skirt, a small me up on his shoulder. About my imaged: I thought this was due to my saying ‘children are our greatest teacher’ but also because he will carry my pride.)

(P. was white, very large rock like being. Imposing but then who had learned to melt with compassion.)

(Mom was a white mist. I had the thought that she is not here much and not manifesting.)

(Me I saw myself as white, ghost density, as an Elohim, six-winged angel.)

I truly want to hold onto this lesson so I can utilize it in prayer and healing touch.

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