Sunday 1-23-2022 Thoughts on Gender

On January 11

I watched Regina Meredith interview with Andrew Harvey (Gaia, Open Minds S1:E24). They had a wonderful conversation about gender and masculine and feminine energy. This was a segue from their speaking of the Black Madonna and Kali, feminine energies that I have not understood. (Does not fit into the ‘being’ understanding that I hold. They spoke of the creator energy needing destruction to clear things to be able to create.) Andrew said that in Hindu culture they say that the masculine energy is like the diamond (structured crystal) and the feminine is the brilliance (shine). Regina added an analogy that helped me to understand this better. She used the example of the tango dance. In it, the male needs to move with perfected motion, hitting all the positions while maintaining the rhythm. This structure allows the female to shine, to bring the beauty in her elaborate movements.

They went on to speak about how our dysfunctional patriarchal society of the last thousand years had restricted both the males and females from expressing their innate expressions. It touched my heart what Andrew said about gay people (applies to LGBTQ+ I believe), that they were honored in indigenous tribes as a blessing to the group as they were able to hold and balance both masculine and feminine energies.

On January 17

I watched Regina interview Cate Montana (Gaia, Open Minds S4:E21). Cate had just released her memoir, so they spoke of her life experiences in several marriages, as lesbian, as world traveler, and spiritual seeker. All the while she was observant of masculine and feminine roles in those around her as well as within herself. A few things struct me which I want to write down. They began the interview by Cate speaking of a tribe in South America that is still living as hunter/gatherers. The males have defined roles (hunting, defending, etc.) and the females have typical roles (gathering, care of family, etc.). She said that the Shaman had a question for her. In the tribal community the woman’s major role was to tell the men when to STOP. The women were honored and listened to when they said it was enough hunting, defending, taking. The shaman asked why western women did not tell the men when to STOP.

From Regina and Cate’s conversation, as well as my own thoughts, it seems obvious that western females had no power due to no respect for the feminine. In modern times, women who were respected were those who took on male roles and/or used masculine power and traits. Cate saw this in herself, and I see it in me (although I, as well as others, saw that I brought more empathy to the engineer role). Cate went on a journey to discover her femininity. Perhaps I need to do that to.

Another insight I gain when reflecting on this interview was with regards to the male to female transgender within our culture. I felt weepy when thinking about trans women, as well as gay men, perhaps they are presenting the feminine better than we women. When I think back to Andrew’s symbol of the shine on the diamond as well as Regina’s tango analogy, I do think they allow themselves to shine much brighter than the women that I know.

Tricia, can you learn to shine?

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