Sunday 1-9-2022 Theme for the year!


On January 3rd I spent a short period reflecting on what will be my word or theme for 2022. I received the word ‘help’. I purposely did not write this boldly, as an exclamation, as I did not get the sense that danger or crisis is what it reflects. I get a sense of two things for this year: first, that I will grow in asking for help and become comfortable with requesting then at ease that it is present. Second, that I will be there to provide help to people in my life.


My word for 2021 was ‘heart’. My heart did get a workout this past year. My offspring brought many lessons. The eldest gave me many lessons in expansion of my heart in pursuit of unconditional love. My head fought the expansion, wanting expectations met over understanding and acceptance of the changes my eldest’s decisions were bringing to my life. I am grateful for this growth and the journey we are on. My journey with my youngest this year was the opposite. The word I think of is boundaries. He went into crisis, and I went into ‘mom mode’. With reflection, and prompting from my husband, I came to realize that he was not building the tools to care for himself if I was offering to come help all the time. He went down and I let go.

I have wonderful adult children!

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