November 2020 – Mirror Work

This month I didn’t continue the pattern of the last few months of just keeping a file to jot down thoughts as the month went along. On November 1st I began following the ‘Mirror Work’ (MW) process of Louise Hay as she outlined in her book with that name.

My October notes ended with me realizing that I need to fix somethings within myself to be able to develop a conclusion to my novel that I’ve been working on for a decade.

The MW process outlined in Louise’s book was very well laid out; it is 21 day program with some reading, journaling, and meditation. I enjoyed it. I also learned a lot about myself.

On the first day of spending time looking at my reflection and speaking to Tricia my feelings were that ‘here is the friend I have always been looking for’. She was new and friendly but also had traits and mannerisms that are so familiar to me – like one of my family!

The daily MW lessons included looking back at past hurts and unfulfilled desires, releasing anger, and forgiving. It was a good way to spend the month and was all wrapped up before the distractions of Thanksgiving and birthdays.

During the last couple of the lessons an idea formed in my mind (in coming to appreciate my own appearance, and seeing the light within myself) that this could be the key to seeing the light in others!

This thought has triggered my guides into action and a new path has opened on my spiritual journey. I sense new awareness and objectivity along with new lessons pouring in. I also feel a new sense of peace. One of the new actions was that I was inspired to watch on Gaia the first season of “Initiation” with Matais de Stefano. I had chosen to skip this season of the program last year. Now I am ready.

These are my words to describe what he is presenting in the program: the formation of the Universe but not the physical, the consciousness. Each episode is another level of dimension correlated to levels of consciousness.

I have had tidbits of this information from other teachers in the past that gave me glimpses of understanding. Now, Matais is describing it all and I am understanding it. _/\_ Thank you!

I am so grateful for this learning pattern from my guides of planting seeds, allowing them to soften to become ready to sprout, and then when I ask a question showing I am ready, the flow begins and things start growing! Wonderful!

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