Sunday 8-9-20 Truth, part 2

Then you’re a king? —

— It’s you that say I am
I look for truth, and find that I get damned

But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law?
We both have truths – are mine the same as yours?

Trial Before Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar – Webber, Rice

Happy Sunday!

Two weeks ago I wrote about my reflections on Universal Truths, though, all the while, a little bit of song from Jesus Christ Superstar ran thru my mind. And, it continues to do so. It is the phrase that I have underlined above.

We both have truths – are mine the same as yours?

It couldn’t be more obvious then with these times that we live in today that, in almost all situations, truth is personal. I think this is why it is so important to know there are Universal Truths as a touchstone to reflect on and get perspective.

How can I look at this differently?

When I am facing a conflict with another, or just have that tickle in my mind, that I need to look at something from a different perspective the Universal Truths are a tool to provide the insight for me to arrive at understanding.

I do believe that heart centered people find their answers innately through Love while my method is an exercise of intelligence (and now routine to reflect) to raise my perspective. What an honor it would be to be like that, to live from the heart … I’ll get there one day.

This idea thread has brought to my attention that even the big Truths are not of the level of Great Love. I am thinking that Truth is a trait of mind at all levels. Actually, it was me who took the 5 given by Bashar and to call them Truths, he called them Laws of Creation.

Bashar: Five Laws of Creation.

  1. I /You exist.
  2. Everything is here and now.
  3. The one is the All, the all are the One.
  4. What you put out is what you get back.
  5. Everything changes except the first 4 laws.

Law – a rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. 1

In my mind I can use a computer program as a metaphor for the Universe (or not a metaphor for those who believe we live in a virtual reality Universe).  These laws can then be considered the basic rules creating the structure of the program. Great Love is the nature of the Creator and the medium that all of the creation floats within. Creator designed the system and created the rules.

It is then me who took these Laws, and by accepting them, made them into my own Truths.

So are truths always of the mind, intellect, based on a set of beliefs? Are we choosing what is truth?

Definition of truth: (1) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality; (2) : the state of being the case : fact; (3) often capitalized : a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality. 2

I paused in my Sunday writing as I couldn’t get the writing to flow. The following is continued Monday August 10th.

This thread is taking turns that are unexpected. I thought I would be writing about personal truths, but I’ve reflected on Truth up to the level of the Creator, I’ve been pulled into looking at what is law, and I keep getting more hits.

I laughed this morning when I realized that in my song reference that Pilot first asked Jesus, “What is truth? Is truths unchanging laws?” Boy, Pilate had some good questions, if only the Christ had answered. It might have saved me time here in reflection. But, actually I am enjoying the things the Universe keeps opening up.

Then this morning in Father Rohr’s daily meditation he is beginning a series on “Order, Disorder, Re-Order”.3 (I’m excited for these reflections!) He brought more insight into the concept of laws.

Fr. Rohr calls law, tradition, and boundaries ORDER. My understanding of his thoughts are that we need the security of the Order phase as the springboard to spiritual growth and transformation. It provides the ‘solid ground’ to advance in the freedom of new creation. Father Rohr uses Mathew 5:17 of Jesus saying he ‘has not come to throw out the law but to bring it to completion’.

This Gospel quote makes me think that there is a new next thing coming but we have to leave the boundaries of what we know for a while to test the waters, (splash with a bit of chaos) for the new and improved to emerge.

… losing the flow of ideas again. Too many scattered ideas. I will keep my awareness alert for more understanding of truth.

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