Sunday 7-26-20 Universal Truths – further developed

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Happy Sunday!

This post is my continuing a post I began on July 26th. Part of it is incorporated into my July 2020 thoughts and insights post. But, I am choosing to develop it further, for a couple of reasons. The first is related to my taking the Hay House 7 day writer’s challenge last week and the homework for July 26th was to write a post. I was already in the midst of this so I figured I would use it. The course material outlined that a social media post should follow the format of:

  1. Relate a story from your own life.
  2. Describe the insight you gained from that experience.
  3. Offer the reader guidance for how they, too, might put that insight to use.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have been following at least 2/3rds of this format for these 7 years of blogging. I just don’t usually offer the reader guidance. I am not sure I want to but for this exercise I will just to be the good girl and complete my assignment.  (One more thought on this is that I don’t think that my writing this blog has been for the purpose of engaging a reader. It’s been for my benefit to release and document my thoughts but mostly to be a space of reflection for the big ideas that tickle the edges of my mind which require this medium to develop into my awareness.)

I have also some new thoughts and discoveries this past week so I will work these in below. Enjoy!

The italicized sections below are from the July 2020 post. New content follows.

July 26 – Universal Truths.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking if I could put together a list of the Universal Truths that I have learned from teachers and experience. The few that always come to mind are Jesus: you reap what you sow; Caroline Myss: what is one is in the whole.

I didn’t spend any time on this; it was just an exercise I thought I would take up one Sunday morning. Soon after this I watched the movie that Daryl Anka made about channeling Bashar which became available on Gaia. It is called First Contact. In the film they show scenes of Barshar channels and in one he gave the following:

Bashar: Five Laws of Creation.

  1. I /You exist.
  2. Everything is here and now.
  3. The one is the All, the all are the One.
  4. What you put out is what you get back.
  5. Everything changes except the first 4 laws.

There it is. The summary I was thinking of … Universal Truths all placed together. A nice short list that I can now related to the lessons engraved into my mind.

The first is my first lesson – I am an eternal being. Or, as many have quoted “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Deepak Chopra I have as attributed to this quote from early in the blog.

The second Truth has no greater teacher than Eckert Tolle teaching “The Power of Now”. Michael Singer also does a great job helping us to understand that living only happens in the now with his great lessons on mindfulness.

The third Truth is what Caroline says that rings through my being continuously, “What is in one is in the Whole”. This has been a great tool for me in my reflections when I am trying to understand something and can relate society issues to cells of the body or connections and flow to leaves and branches on a tree. I think the biggest lesson I took from the Course in Miracles what to question myself “how can I look at this differently?” This Truth is the stepping stone to different levels of perspective: how do cells interact, how do animals, people, mystics, Jesus, Stars, and Galaxies … on and on. Wonderful tool!

Truth four of what you put out you get back is what Jesus taught that you reap what you sow.

Although … there is more here. I always saw this in a negative sense, like a warning, to be careful not to do bad as bad will come back. But there is the other side, law of attraction.

What I like to say to myself … believing is seeing.

And today I understand our lives are the physicality of energy and vibration. Magnetic attraction, vibrational resonance and harmony are in play to bring us the experiences that are drawn to what our consciousness (an energy field) is creating.

And the fifth … Everything changes. This has never been more obvious then today: a world that wishes to grow, a people that are questioning and throwing away old beliefs. Conscious evolution.

Thanks HS for bringing me what I sought, as you always do.

In the last few days I have been taking my ‘thoughts and insights’ from my journal documents to post here on the blog. As I finished posting the June post I saw in the related posts “Sunday 8-24-14 Another side of the Mountain” listed.

So, I thought I would enjoy a ‘blast from my past’ and re-visit a blog post about analogy of Mt. Truth. It was very interesting because this post also referred to Bashar’s Law’s of Creation, but there were only 4. The one that was missing was the one about time, “Everything is here and Now”. I would love to know what changed in Bashar’s teaching between 2014 and 2019.

Therefore, beloved HS I am asking for this to be brought to my awareness. _/\_

For the last couple of weeks I have been taking notice of my own ‘Universal Truths’ that I bring into mind as mantra’s when I am trying to understand something. The one I use most in these times of obvious duality is “there is good and bad in everything”. So the other day I took notice that this was not in the list of the 5. I resolved this to myself by saying it falls under ‘what is in one is in the Whole’ but the actual Law says “The one is the All, the all are the One”. Is there good and bad in Source, Creator, God?

I noticed recently that on the daily reflections from Father Richard Rohr that he uses “Great Love” in the prayers posted. I have been trying to use this as well as an option from God (gray bearded man of my past), Lord (Jesus specifically for me), Source or Creator (more intellectual than heart felt for me).

Great Love should give the impression of only the good but instead it has brought me understanding from another phrase that Fr. Rohr always uses: order, disorder, re-order. I understand that these are all processes of creation, sanctioned by All That Is, the Great Love. Good or bad is a perspective. As a human on this lovely planet, thoughts of disorder seem bad. My perspective is if Gaia were to start moving things around, to shake off the crud of current society, I would find this bad for me, my family, and the places and things I love. Good and bad go away at the level of the Creator who is Great Love.

So what is my wish for you the reader to take away from this?

This is a pretty good blog post (my perception). It provides Universal Truths. (Wow! Big stuff!) It makes references to great teachers who have brought to me such wonderful insights and lessons. But most I hope that you, Reader, will take away something from my process of reflecting on these thoughts and allowing inspiration and my guides to lead me to major understanding – the big “A-ha’s” of my human live.

Much Love. <3

Namaste’.  _/\_

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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