June 2020 thoughts and insights

June 6

Talking with Peter today about romance novels and how completing my novel is difficult as I am not the same person as when I started writing it. He asked me ‘what is romance’ so I answered ‘girl meets boy, there is a journey to come together, then happily ever after.’ (I added that the true journey was after.)

I had a realization that I shared with him. I explained that futurists that see a positive future say that we move out of being a survival species as all of our basics are taken care of: food, shelter, security. We can then do the work we choose and be creative. The realization I had is that perhaps this is what we seek with ‘the happily ever after’ myth. In marriage we expect that the basics of a secure life are to be in place so that we settle in to just be ourselves. What we should actually move into with marriage is putting our attention on our inner lives as looking at ourselves is what relationships as spouse and parent require us to evolve our conscious human with lessons of self-realization and unconditional love.

I said to Peter that nobody knows this. That there are some changes coming with regards to parenting (Dr. Shefali came to mind) but no one teaching this about relationships. He agreed. Self-help may teach us to look to ourselves when we have relationship issues but still the norm of our culture is for the individual to move on if the relationship feels bad.

I had the thought for a book for beyond ‘happily ever after’. Perhaps it is something Peter and I can write together.

June 7

Listening to Kryon from 5-30-20. He spoke of the Princeton Global Consciousness experiment. There were 2 discoveries with this experiment I now realize. I always saw it as proof that we are connected into One human consciousness. Kryon pointed out it showed consciousness changes chance, the movement away from randomness. This is the proof that believing is seeing – that consciousness changes our reality.

June 9

I did what I shouldn’t have done last night and went on Twitter before bed. After seeing posts and meme’s about happenings around the Country this past weekend I followed a link to watch Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night. I appreciate his calm clear views and opinions; I’ve only just begun listening to his monologue. He summarized the nationalist view of the weekend news clips that Twitter posters had emphasized. There were images of protestors, politicians, and celebrities ‘taking a knee’ (I think is the phrase), kneeling. The nationalist view seems to say this is weak and un-American. Tucker spoke about the mayor of Minneapolis, he was at a rally speaking about police reforms to the protest leaders. They asked if he would ‘defund the police’. He said no. They said ‘get the f,,, out’ so he walked out through the crowd. Tucker said this was embarrassing for the mayor and he should have stood up and said ‘no, I run this town’.

After watching Tucker I put on Kryon to uplift my energy before falling to sleep. This morning I woke with the memories of what I saw on Tucker in my mind but could not recall Kryon. So I spent sometime reflecting on the events, doing my light work, to resolve in my heart. I got there.

When I thought back on the images of the Mayor walking out of the crowd and up the street I was able to realize that I didn’t feel as Tucker did. I could see me doing the same thing as the Mayor. I see his walking out as representing that he had been there to join with and support their thoughts and feelings. To leave was respectful that he could not support their ‘defund the police’ promotion and they no longer wanted him there. This made me think about the kneeling going on. I believe this became a ‘thing’ from the football players who chose to kneel during the national anthem to show they were not in full respect to the Country. I wonder if they are saying there is more to respect and pay honor to, something greater then nationalism. I can support that.

My mind then imagined saying this to a protestor who wanted me to kneel for those killed by police. My words were that kneeling represents to me to honor the Creator who made us all equal, that we could know and understand this within our hearts. Then I imagined getting on my knees with this female black leader with my arm around her and saying ‘the light in me honors the light in you, Namaste’. We are whole, we are one body. Further thoughts came to my mind that were about cells in the body respecting the various organs; functions of each organ are needed to be one body alive and Whole.

June 10

This is something new.  New solutions from a new understanding is needed right now to move up and along in our growth and evolution. The division in humanity, which is currently playing out in politics, media, and the BLM protests, must lead somewhere. Some ideas are coming together for me.

Yesterday I watched the last episode of Bruce Lipton’s series on Gaia. He described evolution from single life of bacteria to then grouping to form amoeba. These creatures brought forward the cell nucleus that gave rise to DNA which grouped the cels by similarity to arise as grouped cels with a membrane to becoming plants, animals, and humans. What is next is the next higher grouping – humanity as a single intelligent conscious being. Conscious evolution!

Watched more Twitter and Tucker about all the problems needing solutions.

Finished reading Celestine Prophesy. The eighth insight was about communications with others … to send support to another person. It said that when in a group conversation, to hold the energy for the group so that the best ideas flow. The ninth insight is about the evolving, energy raising up so that the body lightens. The book’s story tells of this happening to a group.

My thoughts are that herein lays the next step solution. The joining of the ‘human’ cells is from Love; with the intention of supporting another, groups of conscious individuals form in support of one another. Herein lays another form of Love that we don’t have words for. It may currently be described as energy, but more local than the energy of All That Is.

The CP book mentions that the Mayans ascended. Other cultures seem to have disappeared as well, ie. Chaco Canyon. Perhaps it is easier and a better way for ascension, as a group. The Love energy flow can move from person to person, bringing each ones energy up and helping support one another to stay in high vibrations.

My thoughts on the types of love:

Family love – love of belonging and acceptance

Romantic love – There is the love of the couple in relationship.

Spirit Love – love from our Higher Selfs, guides, angels, dearly departed, that brings synchronicities, signs, and experiences to help us be conscious in ourselves.

Group Love ???

Source Love – the energy of the Universe nudging us toward growth and awareness. Includes unconditional Love.

I’m wondering why all the channel messages seem to be more individual about everyone on their own path.

June 15

While getting breakfast for the cats this morning two ideas came together in my mind. First, I was thinking about what the big announcement might be that Blossom Goodchild recently channeled about. Online talk of pedophilia came to mind. Then came the thought … ‘what is in one is in the whole’. I don’t feel anything like that is within me. There are probably a lot of negative things that I can relate to existing within me but I get no sense of connection of this to me. This makes it harder for me to believe this will occur in my timeline. Perhaps we are all on different timelines, not really sharing the same reality. Are we all playing our own video game?

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