Sunday 3-22-20 Conversation 22 – Glory on Display

Glory on Display
Glory on Display

(First week of Covid-19 lock down.)

Happy Sunday!

A new day!

God – Glory on Display!


Be still and KNOW I am God!

I am Glory on Display. From this thought it easily flows that others are also God – Glory on Display. We are all so different.

… Facets

Yes, I understand that concept better now from an article I recently read. (1) My understanding sees it like the individual laser light shining through the consciousness of ALL to put focus on an individual aspect of the Whole.

Yes … but there is more.

Tell me please.

You are more than one aspect. You have ALL within you … as light.

My thoughts are that in the physical we express an aspect and in Spirit we are ALL.

Closer. There are many levels between the two you name.

It excites me to know there is so much more to know!

You are greatly loved for such excitement. <3

(Emotions are welling up.) I am so happy to be here right now in this moment. It is like breathing once again.

Yes, time for everything … to everything there is a season.


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