Sunday 11-24-19, A Collective

Sunday November 24, 2019

Happy Sunday!

I’ve had this wonderful feeling of Gratitude within my heart this weekend. I feel peace with sparks of Joy from time to time.

We did lose a family member this weekend and yet my thoughts are of his smile whenever he greeted me, the joy I felt when we were together, and the thought that he was always in the background of my life just Loving me.

Thank you!

Perhaps as his spirit wanders amongst the family this is the feeling he brings to our hearts.

I decided yesterday that this week I want to share gratitude. This is appropriate for me as it is Thanksgiving week as well as my birthday. For several years I have posted blogs about what I am grateful for on my birthday Sunday.

I had a shift of perspective this morning …

The Sunday morning family text message came in this morning from my brother. He wrote wonder words of gratitude for our Uncle. My sister then added her gratitude for all the family, those who are still here sharing and those who are passed who support and supported us. I thought about what to write and then …

WOW! It hit me. I am not alone in this heartfelt place of gratitude this weekend. “We are a collective!”

It’s not just “me, me, me” sharing, trying to bring these thoughts and feelings out into the world. I am one in a family that is feeling, sharing, and spreading this wonderful light filled energy.

And, perhaps, without my having to have proof, there are more groups feeling and sharing – spreading Light in the collective consciousness!

I am not alone. Never!

My prayer today to my guides is to give me more of that recognition.

Lightworker (me), yes! But, it’s just like one little star flickering in a great galaxy of light which brightens the night sky.

This I am grateful for today.



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