Sunday 7-28-19 Conversation 20 – Sowing the seeds of Love

Conversation 20 with my Higher Self

Sowing the seeds of Love.

There it is! I just had an ‘AH-HA!’

The family ‘Sunday text’ is about having friends with different ideologies, perhaps not even believing in God. The conversation was well along when I read it. My mind’s response was “I’ve got a friend in Jesus.” It made me look up my blog post of this title to check on the song lyrics I had posted there. I found I posted this on 5-11-14. Of course I read this old post.

This happened to be one of my BIG AH-HA days. The post told of my interaction with Jesus, accepting him as my Guru, as well as some other fabulous spiritual tidbits.

I had the thought that rather than just posting the song lyrics that I should post the link to my 5-11-14 blog post in the family text thread.

I kept going back and forth in my mind. I had also just read my conversation of last week and saw this as an opportunity to be vulnerable. I still felt scared. Then, I thought “I know what will happen, a few will look and comment on how good it is … others will be quiet”.

The Ah-ha came in the realization that I am thinking about me, what my experience will be. I am not getting that reaching out to others is not about me!

Why do I feel I want to share this blog? There is Great wisdom in it from TD Jakes and Marianne Williamson. I also had an amazing experience (boost to the ego) and some pretty good insights.

Is it not a benefit to others to see the documentation of your experience so that they get validation of their own (just as I received many times as written on 5-11-14 about the song “I believe I can fly”).

Yes, just the same. You’re not sharing is blocking, restricting the flow of light through your tribe.

I just tried to send the link to the page – wimped out but now I’m mad at myself re-reading about blocking the flow. I know I need to let it go. Let go of the need to control the outcome!

How could you possibly know the outcome? It’s just seeds you have nothing to do with the nurturing and cultivation of. Its work for the Other and the fruit will be theirs. This is your cultivation work for your own blossoming and later fruit.

I am so afraid.

Of what? Let it go. Pass along the gifts. They are not meant to be held onto. Trouble if you do.  Light/Love energy needs to flow.

I’ve seen a couple references to spontaneous combustion this week.

It happens.

I am trying to make lite of this.

Light is not lite. It can move mountains – in your reality. Let it flow. The lessons are not yours to keep.

Why is it not enough to have written it and posted it on the blog for Others to find in their time?

There are those who seek; those who are guided who will find. But what of YOUR guidance today? What of the lesson that it’s there to share with the Other who wants answers. Ah-ha’s that your experience can provide?

I just need to do it, but I don’t want to!

How is this future of your’s supposed to happen? You need to enter the arena. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, that is your perception of what is there and not ‘the thing’ that the Other will take from it.

Me, me, me!

Ok, I did it. I have to leave the room now to escape and hide.

Sit. It’s out there – No longer yours. Do you think Marianne Williamson goes through life thinking and worrying about her famous quote or any of her works are received by individuals? Brene’, you quoted her several times last week. Do you think she really gets how each thing she introduces is received by individuals? All are just seeds to be sown. Be like Johnny Appleseed and move on, don’t look back, it is not for you.

Thank you. I feel very blessed right now. (weepy.) Now I will leave my desk … mostly to not react too quickly to text messages. I can’t believe I actually sent it!!!

(It actually feels good to have done it!)

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