Sunday 2-17-19 Conversation 16, Users’ Manual

Happy Sunday! I am feeling much better this week – more comfortable in my heart.
Less stress helps.
Yes. I hit that big deadline at work which helped to calm me down for this weekend. But, still there is a difference – an inner calm.
This morning I re-read our conversation of last week. I was better able to understand what was said about the heart being peaceful and not needing to be reactionary to all emotions coming into the body.
Very good.
So, besides all the stress from work, I have felt compelled to work on the “Human Design” project of building a narrative chart in Excel utilizing Chetan Parkyn’s book. I’m excited, I’m acting to work on it even when I have come home exhausted from work. What’s up with this?
For you. As you have been calling it … your “Users Manual”.
And yet, with my paging through Chetan’s book, I’m not seeing that the chart relates to me therefore I doubt the accuracy of my chart and, have been avoiding getting into my head, and questioning the whole system.
It’s a gift – this download, just like so many others you have gotten your head and heart around. Like all scriptures, like all scientific breakthroughs, or great novels. (It’s) a connection to the Higher Self, which is God, Source of everything.
So I am on the right path and should move ahead.
Yes, but this is about you, for you. A tool to see where your gifts lie. It is time to start acting from your Self, your energy centers, instead of what you were socialized to accept about yourself and have since made habits of behavior.
So I should accept what it says.
If something feels ‘not right’ or uncomfortable, take time to reflect on it. Reflect on your life: the choices you made; what drove those choices; how they could have been different.
A ‘thank you’ feels needed here.
You are most welcome. Thank you for your willingness, your constancy to seek and grow.

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