Sunday 11-15-18 – Carry water

Buddhist saying …
Before enlightenment: carry water, chop wood.
After enlightenment: carry water, chop wood.

I read this in a blog about a week ago. On Tuesday I woke up saying the words ‘carry the water, chop the wood’ in my mind. At work on Tuesday I used it as a mantra to stay aware and to return to my heart. On Wednesday it became a valuable tool. I had tasks to do at work that were difficult. One, I had so much turmoil with my mind was contemplating filing complaints with HR or just leaving. I kept reciting the mantra. I spoke with my supervisor to ask a question to gain clarity. My mind wanted me to open up about all of the conflict and turmoil I was feeling. I asked my one question needed to continue the work and walked back to my desk.

Upon returning to my desk I got guidance to go take a walk. I walked down to the basement and back up to my floor. The walk got me back to my heart and I gained the clarity that I was creating all of the conflict. I was better able to understand my role in performing the task. Several other complaints and problems arose this day that I had to deal with. They were difficult but simpler with use of the mantra and what was gained from the one I had worked through. Carry water, chop wood.
Here are some insights gained:

  • After enlightenment you are heart based which means quieting of the mind and flowing through the work.
  • This is living in the NOW.

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