Sunday 11-18-18 Conversation 14, from dreams

Conversation 14 – from dreams
Happy Sunday!
A couple of weeks ago I watched Open Minds with Regina Meredith, the interview was about lucid dreaming. The guest spoke about how you can work on yourself while lucid dreaming and to practice getting lucid by noticing a pattern in your dreams as a trigger to becoming conscious.
I have noticed a curious pattern in my dreams. I notice that something happens and then later I ask someone if I was dreaming, this is in the dream. This makes me feel that there are many layers to dreams – like an onion.
It is concerning to think there is more than one layer to get through to get to lucidity.
It will be good work; worth it.
One of the dreams was a public assembly in which karma was falling on a well-known politician. I really don’t want political nonsense in my dreams.
Why do you bring it into your life then?
It’s just another layer to the dream (of reality)? Yes.
Mind versus heart? Yes.
I feel there is a benefit to knowing (the current national) news.
It’s not real.
None of it? [There is a delay in the conversation. I think of citizen journalists on Twitter. I feel like my Higher Self goes into contemplation. (I see a spinning icon like we have on our computers. LOL.)]
Yes there are good people … (is it) for you is the question. Time (is) better spent getting centered.
I prefer to work through finding peace, centering, non-judgment while staying informed and engaged.
Concerned. Hard work. Slippery Slope.
Don’t you have faith in me? [This feels like crazy talk now – questioning what I thought was all knowing.]
It’s about time lines. What you will choose. Yes there is that timeline of your enlightenment through engagement with the craziness. The timeline of peaceful reflection is smoother for you.
I reflect on recent conversations that I was able to share with my family about current events. This was nice but, I wasn’t able to provide substantial information [Twitter news effect.] This is probably not working for me. But, with further reflection, it is also a concern if I am deep in meditation or contemplation all of the time.
When connected to All you would allow to flow through you the words and actions needed for engagement with another.
To be in the world but not of the world is what you are saying. Yes.
I want that but I also want connection with those I care about.
It’s time to guide and lead toward the next phase.
So you are telling me that to connect with my family is not for right now.
Love. It crosses all barriers.
Yes. I see I’m too much in my head with the idea of connection; I’ve forgotten my heart lately.  You are correct. Reflection. Centering. Love flowing. That is the place for my focus.
It is the only sensible tool right now in this crazy time period.
Yes. And the greatest teacher.


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