Pilgrimage to Glastonbury. A vision of seeing the light and the dark.

Back in April, during Holy Week, I was reading the book “The Drama of the Lost Disciples” by George F. Jowett that I heard referred to by Delores Cannon in one of her lectures on Youtube. The book was phenomenal and made me decide that we would visit Glastonbury when we made our annual trip to visit family in England in the Fall.

As the months passed it seemed everyone was going to Glastonbury; people I followed on Youtube, speakers on Gaia TV, all seemed to be traveling there – many pilgrims like myself seeking to understand the energy that was renowned to be there from the time of Christ, King Arthur, as well as times much earlier. I just knew there was a purpose to my trip.
On Tuesday, October 2nd, after going to Qigong class with Mum, P & I set out for a 2 night stay in Glastonbury. We arrived late in the afternoon, checked into our B&B, and then walked around the town to find a place for dinner.

That night, I awoke in the early hours following a difficult dream that was about the revealing of pedophilia to society. I was observing a scene like you would see in an old movie depicting Victorian England; I said to myself that it was a Dickens’ story. The story showed a small black boy taken away into a brick doorway in a subterranean corridor. I understood what the author was revealing (that this had been going on throughout history).

I awoke, and while still in the somnambulistic state, needed to resolve the awareness – to bring it forward to the light. I called on Sofia for assistance to help me shine her bright light on a perpetrator. It was a male human representative of all. When first the light shined on him there was turmoil of demons around the man. I called on Archangel Michael to deal with the dark ones who emerged so my attention could be on the human within.

I asked questions of the man. How many? Why? (The man gave not response showing his not knowing.) I asked about love in his life to find some connection to another person or animal, but we didn’t find it. We progressed back through the ages of his life with no answers until we got to infancy. At the infant state I realized there was no receipt of Love in his lifetime. I had the male human hold the awareness of his adult and infant self at the same time. I took the infant to my chest. I spoke words of Love and empowerment. I nursed briefly. “You come from Love. You are Love. You come from beauty. You are beauty.” I poured love into his infant self, knowing change was occurring in the adult.

I then said to him there is a choice to make (to progress). We saw angry mobs attacking. We saw the choice to return to the central Sun (death at the hands of others without resolution). He offered suicide as a choice which I didn’t support as it doesn’t resolve the life lived. I then offered the choice of philanthropy, as an option for those who hold power and wealth. I thought about how this healing (change of choosing the light) can spread change NOW in our world. (‘Yes!’ my guides supported.)

I thought of other roles in the pedophilia issue: the victim and the unaware, like I had been. I then realized that there was another; those that knew and did nothing or contributed by handing over children.

Now I brought a female person into the light of Sofia. This time we worked on her as a girl, about 4 years old. The girl was full of fear, this was her life. First I held her and then thought of what my Qigong teacher had said the day before, that raising your hand (showing your palm) takes away fear. We raised our hands to shake it out and moved into dance. I raised her up into the clouds to float and dance. I realized that the terror and fear held within her had turned into misery so that as an adult she spread misery. Joy was the antidote. Joy flows. Misery loves company and Joy flows. I filled the girl with so much joy that she was overflowing and always would be.
I then wondered about bringing the light to the victim but was directed by my guides that that work was for others. I don’t have that experience in this life and don’t need to bring it forward from the past.

I became more awake and took a few breaths to solidify these events. (I took the next step to write them down in my notebook.)

As I still lied in bed in the early hours, my conscious self thought about protection systems for children, like those now vulnerable in Pali, refugees of the tsunami. I had ideas but none resolved as effective. Love is the answer.

I prayed (and still do), She/Lord please allow my light-work vision to spread around the globe so all hearts will feel Love and Joy.

I thought of the place that I was in, Glastonbury, an initiation place for many ideas of the light.

My Qigong teacher had said something about there also being dark here. I shined Sofia light over the town and let the tendrils of light flow across the landscape, across Britain. Moving outward, the beam of light shined over the British Isles and surrounded the Earth.
Love to you Gaia. (Love back!)
… Later that day.

We walked to the top of the Tor right after breakfast. I took a few moments to go into meditation sitting in lotus position on the grass. It was cloudy; I asked for the Sun. The light brightened behind my closed eyelids. I thought it was the Sun. I opened my eyes but it was still gray out. The light was inside of me. I sought connection with those higher. Archangel Michael came forward and gave me a big hug with his great wings. He said, “Thank you.”

(Me and Mike, we did good work that day.)

I wept due to the feelings his embrace brought me.


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