Sunday 10-21-18, Conversation 13 – Lightworker

Happy Sunday! 
I have a notebook to keep track of dreams but it has also become where I write down visions, thoughts, and, in 2018, conversations with my higher Self. The following started as just a rambling to clear my mind but became a conversation.
Lately I’ve had some dreams, felt like I should write them down just because, but they seemed to be just mind ramblings. Is there really any benefit to jotting them all down? I didn’t feel like there was great meaning to them, only life experiences being replayed. From thinking about my busy mind of the last few nights I wonder if the mind is really just a left behind tool. I feel that my soul at night is off preparing/learning for what is to come but my dreams never seem to reflect that. I guess I am looking for the goodness and awe of the future to show whereas my dreams these days tend to bring up the negativity of our reality that I am allowing myself to be exposed to.
It’s part of acceptance.
Am I correct that there is more going on at night then my mind comprehends or is involved with?
Yes, out of body, out of mind.
So how does that other, greater awareness come in if my mind is not involved?
Heart consciousness.
Do I know how to do that? Was I there (New Earth) and am disconnected once again?
Yes, but for good purpose. LIGHTWORKER! Thank you for allowing yourself to go into the dark, to find resolution. This is GREAT work! (Tears flow.)
Thank you for allowing me not to go too far and to allow these to be an experience of the mind without the suffering of experience.
You’ve experienced it all – many lives. Now, when needed, you can view and understand what lies behind the negativity of others. The same pain and fear ALL face, just different actions chosen to resolve.
The word ‘resolve’ feel uncomfortable.
The other (person) does not understand that ‘like begets like’. They are just attempting to throw off the pain.
My blessings and prayers go out to them, for their own awareness to rise.  How do we get these Universal laws to be known to humanity?
Each human must choose to awaken, to ask to know, to want to grow. Continue to be an example.
While in Glastonbury I did my Lightworker work but I was guided away from working on the victim’s pain. Tell me about that.
You, of course, have been a victim in many lives you have held on Earth. It is unnecessary for you to look back on that as it has been released previously from your being. But, because of the personal nature and the strong victim association within the Collective, the possibility was there of you taking that energy into yourself again. Stay clear. (LOL, two meanings there!)
Wow! I resolved it already! That feels so good to know. I feel proud to have done that in an earlier time when I expect it was more difficult to forgive and heal. (Yes.) So I came into this life clear? (Yes.)
This makes the ‘divine child’ archetype that I discovered within myself when I evaluated my archetypes with Caroline Myss’ “Sacred Contracts” make sense. (Yes.)
It feels good to understand that – to know a reason why I came this way while others relate to the ‘wounded child’.  It’s not about being special or gifted; it’s just that I’ve done a bit more work – a step ahead. (Yes.) That realization makes me think about reaching my hand back to aid the next person across the stepping stones that is the river of Live.
Yes. Feeling proud (within both of us/All of me).
It feels so much better to think I’m like everyone else then to think I am special. One way connects and one way separates.
Lot’s of good learning happening here this Sunday morning. So much Love.
And so blessed. Thank you!
Thank you beloved.

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